Our world is frequently changing. Bold curiosity are the traits of those who always search and explore new ways and solutions, for a design that does not follow trends, but sets them.

01 Kitchen

Our concepts are spoken through forms and refined aesthetic solutions. It starts from the vigilant selection of modern materials and colors to realize modular, flexible and personalized solutions. Each of our projects is the result of this approach, combined with a deep respect for the environment.


02 Living

The solutions are given by the opening of shared environments in which there are no limitations, but only new frontiers to discover. The kitchen blends with the surrounding spaces, creating living areas that draw the contemporary spirit of the Pedini collections with a contemporary decor.

03 Bathroom

Incorporation of functional elements that reduces the material, amplify the space and echo the emotions. This program is characterized by customized proposals and care for details, planned with sophisticated technologies and finished off by the acquired skills of master craftsmen. All made in Italy.

Pedini Detroit would like to introduce our new Partners!

We have expanded our product line to include these Italian brands. Cocif, IPF & Pianca
They all share the same goal as Pedini; high quality, sustainable materials without losing quality or design. All 3 of these brands are as excited as Pedini to be part of the rebirth of the Great City of Detroit!

01 Cocif Doors & Windows

02 IPF Italian Parquet Floors
03 Pianca Closets

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